Top 10 famous rivers

Euphrates River:greatest claim to fame is that it helped supply Mesopotamia with water. Mesopotamia was one of the first true civilizations of the ancient world. 

Danube River: is interesting because of its impact on trade in Europe. As the second-longest river in Europe, the river stretches through major cities like Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, and Belgrade.

Yangtze River: is arguably the most important one in all of China. This river’s massive basin helps supply water for agriculture throughout a large portion of the country.

Amazon River:is the second-longest river in the world, but it makes up for that placing in other ways.The Amazon River has the largest discharge of any river in the world, measuring up to 209000m3/s.

Delaware River: proves that a body of water doesn’t have to be massive to be important. This river was the site of an important moment in the Revolutionary War.

Nile River: is the largest river in the world, and it’s known for being the lifeblood of Ancient Egypt as well as being incredibly important to Egypt today. 

Mississippi River:Old Man River, the Father of Waters. The Mississippi River goes by a lot of names in the United States. This river is most famous for providing water for millions of people .

Ganges River:Although it is not the largest river in Asia, the Ganges is still very important and well-known. This river has religious and cultural significance to Hindu people.

Finke River:You may not have ever heard of the Finke River in Australia. It’s not very long and it doesn’t even flow all the time. However, geologists have recognized this as the oldest river.

Tigris River:The other part of the river system that allowed Mesopotamia to rise was the Tigris River. This river is farther north than the Euphrates.

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