Top 10 Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Songs

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“That’s Alright”: Fleetwood Mac have exerted a massive influence on country music.

Storms”: This gentle meditative ballad is Nicks’ lament for her brief, messy affair with Fleetwood.

The Ledge”: “Lindsey was really making a stand,” Nicks said of Tusk.

Underway”: A vintage Peter Green guitar showcase, “Underway” was a highlight from his final album with the band.

Earl Gray”: Guitarist Danny Kirwan was in Fleetwood Mac for only a brief period.

Monday Morning”: When Buckingham and Nicks’ 1973 debut album proved a commercial failure.

“I Don’t Want to Know”: For any other band, a song like “I Don’t Want to Know” might be a focus track.

Farmer’s Daughter”: At the tail end of their 1980 live double LP.

The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)”: Written by Peter Green shortly before he left Fleetwood Mac.

Black Magic Woman”: Fleetwood Mac’s first Top 40 single in the U.K. was written by Peter Green after he’d seen a scary play on TV.

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