Top 10 Greatest Inventions From China

Gunpowder: Gunpowder, a part of the four great inventions. What's surprising is that gunpowder was invented by accident.

Papermaking: One of the most influential inventions coming from the four great inventions.

Compass:  While the compass today is used for navigation, it was formerly one of the most influential tools for trading and wars. 

Printing:  This is done by writing the text on paper, placing the text with the ink facing the wooden board, and carving out the text to make a woodblock print.

Rockets: The first rockets appeared in the Song Dynasty starting in the 13th century which spread during the Mongol invasions.

Cast Iron: Cast Iron is especially useful in cooking equipment and one of the most used materials in engineering applications. 

Wheelbarrow: In the ancient times, the wheelbarrow was considered one of the most useful vehicles used to transport heavier loads in an efficient manner.

Porcelain:  It's also one of the most common materials you see in bathroom objects such as toilets. It was first invented in the Shang dynasty over three thousand years ago. 

Chopsticks: This isn't really a complete list if we would've not included one of the most iconic eastern utensils.

Teapot: . The tea culture has been around in China spiritually and physically influenced people for thousands of years.

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