Top 10 Lakes in Northern Michigan

Elk Lake:Located near the town of Elk Rapids in Northern Michigan, Elk Lake is among the most popular of the Cascade Lakes. Reaching a depth of about 193 feet.

Lake Charlevoix: is one of the biggest inland lakes in Northern Michigan. It is outstanding and well-loved for its profound sparkling waters, white-sand beaches.

Lake Erie: also one of the Great Lakes, is located to the south of Detroit at the border of Michigan. Because the fish population in Lake Erie is the most abundant of the Great Lakes.

Lake Huron:Known for its clear crystal waters, gorgeous shoreline sunrises, and white-sand beaches, Lake Huron is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Northern Michigan. 

Houghton Lake:This is the largest inland lake in Michigan and one of the largest natural inland lakes in the United States. Covering approximately 10 miles north to south.

Lake Michigan:is the only one of the five Great Lakes of North America that is located wholly within the borders of the United States. It is the second-largest Great Lake by volume .

Lake Superior:It’s almost impossible to talk about the incredible lakes in Northern Michigan without mentioning Lake Superior — one of the world’s largest bodies of water.

Lake St. Clair: one of the best lakes for boating in Michigan. There are multiple beaches along this lake, with clear water and sandy bottom bordered by nice shade trees and grass.

Torch Lake:This is Michigan’s second-largest inland lake. Measuring about 19 miles long and 285 feet deep, it is the longest and deepest inland lake in Northern Michigan. 

Big Glen Lake:This is a massive lake located in Leelanau County, near Lake Michigan. Together with its sister lake, Little Glen Lake, they make up about 6,000 acres of water.