Top 10 Largest Pigs 

Hampshire Pig: was derived from an English breed found in Northern England and Scotland. The breed originated in Hampshire, England, hence their name. 

The Duroc: is a lean, muscular breed that originated around 1850. The Duroc is a hybrid of the “Jersey Red” and the “New York Duroc” that became popular in the country in the 1930s but fell out .

 Landrace Pig:are a somewhat vague group of standardized domestic pigs that originated from the Danish Landrace—other Landrace pigs derived from crossbreeding and continued development. 

 Large Black Pig: is a docile and hearty breed native to England. Two boatloads of black pigs from China were docked in Cornwall and East Anglia and then used to breed with local pigs.

Red Wattle Hog:These pigs vary in shades of red but can sometimes be almost black. Wattle pigs get their name from the fleshy flaps attached to the sides of their necks called wattles.

British Saddleback : is not completely clear. However, it is believed that the Saddleback probably evolved from the British Forest Pig.

The Hungarian Mangalitsa: is the only pig breed left with a thick woolly sheep-like coat. These beauties were almost lost in the 90s when less than 200 pigs were left in existence. 

Yorkshire:also known as “Large White pigs,” a hybrid of north England’s large indigenous white pig and the smaller, fatter white Chinese pig, first emerged in 1791 in Yorkshire, England.

The Poland China :breed was developed between 1835 and 1870 in Ohio. They are an amalgamation of Polish pigs and Big Chinas, hence where they get their name.

Tamworth Pig:was recognized as a breed in 1885 and began to increase in popularity throughout the U.K., Australia, Canada, U.S., and New Zealand. They are known as a “Bacon” breed due to their.

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