Top 10 lizards in california

San Diego Horned Lizard:was once actually one of the six subspecies of the coast horned lizard! Today, however, it is considered its own distinct species. 

Great Basin Collared Lizard: mainly resides in southeastern California. However, it has also established small populations along the state’s northeastern border. 

Desert Night Lizard:Night lizards are a fascinating group, as superficially, they resemble geckos, but they’re actually more closely related to skinks.

Yellow-Backed Spiny Lizard:True to its name, the yellow-backed spiny lizard has alternating yellow and dark brown horizontal bands stretching from its neck all the way down to the tip of its tail. 

Western Banded Gecko:Another very common lizard throughout southern California is the western banded gecko. As a member of the Eublepharidae family, it is one of just a handful of species.

Tiger Whiptail:There are actually three total subspecies of the tiger whiptail lizard residing in California. These are the California, San Diegan, and Great Basin varieties. 

Banded Rock Lizard: likes it hot, making it right at home in California! It is mainly native to the southwestern US and northern Mexico, mainly preferring to spend most of its time.

Southern Alligator Lizard:Of the three total species of alligator lizards residing in California, the southern variety is the most common and widespread. 

Common Side-Blotched Lizard:This particular species is one of California’s most common and widespread lizards! It has massive populations throughout the hottest and driest areas of the state.

Common Chuckwalla: is a substantial reptile with a bulky, muscular body. It commonly reaches upwards of 15 to 20 inches long from its short, pointed snout to the tip of its wide, heavy tail. 

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