Top 10 lizards in georgia

Green Anole: is a lizard that seems to have dominated the American southeast, primarily in states like Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, and Alabama. 

Mole Skink:Common throughout southern Georgia, the mole skink is a slender, speedy terrestrial lizard and expert burrower. It is native to the southeastern US, primarily in Florida, Georgia.

Coal Skink:geographic range varies slightly depending on the subspecies. Currently, two subspecies are recognized: the northern and southern varieties.

Southeastern Five-Lined Skink:We now come to another very common skink lizard in Georgia, the southeastern five-lined skink. It lives throughout much of the American Southeast, from Mississippi.

Ground Skink:Finally, we cap off our list of Georgia’s most fascinating lizards with the humble ground skink. This hardy reptile is native to much of the eastern half of North America.

Slender Glass Lizard: is a legless lizard that, interestingly, superficially resembles a garter snake. However, it can easily be differentiated from snakes by its external earholes, movable eyelids.

Six-Lined Racerunner:As its common name suggests, the six-lined racerunner is a long, slender whiptail lizard with six thin, yellow, or greenish-yellow stripes running vertically down its body. 

Eastern Glass Lizard:Another fascinating legless lizard common to Georgia is the eastern glass lizard. These bizarre yet stunning reptiles are usually very dark green with tiny mottled white.

Broadhead Skink: is one of the larger skink species with a surprisingly stout, wide body. As its name suggests, its head is especially large and wide. 

Eastern Fence Lizard:These little rough-scaled lizards are extremely common throughout Appalachia and the southeast, especially in states like Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas.

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