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Top 10 Longest Rivers In The World

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Amur – Argun, Asia: 4,444km (2,763 miles). The river forms the border between the Russian Far East and Northeastern China.

Mississippi – Missouri – Jefferson, North America: 6,275 km (3,902 miles). The Mississippi flows mainly in the United States (98.5%) and the rest in Canada (1.5%). It flows towards the Gulf of Mexico.

Yangtze River, China: 6,300 km (3,917 miles). The longest river in Asia.

Amazon River, South America: 6,400 km (3,976 miles). Its the second longest river in the world and is by far the largest by water flow.

Ob – Irtysh, Asia: 5,410km (3,364 miles), It flows in the following countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia.

Paraná – Río de la Plata, South America: 4,880km (3,030 miles). Flows in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay.

Yenisei – Angara – Selenge, Asia: 5,539km (3,445 miles). Flows mainly in Russia (97%) and the rest in Mongolia. 

Congo – Chambeshi, Africa:  4,700km (2,922 miles) – The world’s deepest river with measured depths in excess of 220 m (720 ft).

Yellow River, China: 5,464km (3,395 miles) Also known as Huang He, it is the second-longest river in Asia after the Yangtze.

Nile River, North-East Africa: 6,650 km (4,132 miles). Its water resources are shared by eleven countries, namely, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi.

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