Top 10 Longest Train Journey in the World

Peking – Lhasa will start in Peking, China and it covers a total distance of 1,240 miles

Toronto to Vancouver, CanadaThis train service is well known as Canadian and it covers almost 4,446 kilometers.

Maharaja Express is the luxurious train which offers 4-pan Indian itineraries. It contains 20 Deluxe cabins, 4 suites 18 junior suites and Presidential Suite Cabin.

Belmond Eastern and Oriental Express is the luxurious and beautiful train trip in Asia. 

Sao Paulo Metro, BrazilThe main concentration of the rail services is predominantly urban and suburban areas. Sao Paulo Metro is the biggest among the 8 Brazilian metro cities.

Blue Train is the main attraction for viewing the spectacular forests, farmlands and vineyards in South Africa and it crosses the country in just one day.

Vivek Express is one the longest train journey in India and one of the world’s largest train journey.

Trans-Siberian ExpressIt is a six-day train journey which starts in Moscow and ends in Vladivostok. 

Chinese Train ServicesIt is located in China and the main purpose of this train is for the journey of passengers. 

The Indian Pacific is to travel along the width of Australia. It covers almost 2,704 miles which starts from Perth and ends in Sydney. 

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