Top 10 Lovely Orange Animals

Cock-of-the-Rock:The reproductive season for the cock-of-the-rock begins when the birds gather together in a ritualized courtship display called a lek. 

Clownfish: is a group of some 30 species that form a mutual relationship with sea anemones. The species you’re probably most familiar with (both because of its popularity in the aquarium trade ).

Painted Bat:A native of southern Asia, the painted bat possesses long, wooly orange or white hair over much of its body, while the wing membranes are covered in black. 

Orioles: are a large group of songbirds with slender bodies and pointed bills. There are dozens of different species, divided into New World or Old World types. Males have contrasting yellow.

Tigers:is the largest living cat species in the world, but it has become rare and endangered over the past few centuries. Several distinctive subspecies are recognized, including the Bengal tiger.

Monarch Butterfly:are lovely orange animals that are characterized by large wings, measuring up to four inches long, with tawny orange areas separated by white veins .

Golden Lion Tamarin:This small endangered monkey, which lives in the coastal forests of Brazil, gets its name from the bright ginger hair that covers almost everything except for the bare face .

Goldfish: is a lovely orange animal that comes from a small freshwater brown or gray carp, native to East Asia. More than a thousand years ago in imperial China, the species were selectively bred .

Red Fox:is one of the most common animals in all of North America. Measuring about 36 to 42 inches long, it is covered in reddish-orange fur color with a white chest and black markings around .

Orangutan: takes the spot among the loveliest orange animals in the world. It is a genus of three orange-colored primate species, two of them from the Pacific island of Sumatra and another .

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