Top 10 Most Beautiful Moths

Large Agarista:Another of the world’s most beautiful moths, this moth is also called the Joseph’s coat moth because of its many colors. Found in Australia, it has black wings that have streaks.

 Argent and Sable:It’s found in the temperate forests and lowlands of many places around the world including Europe, North America, Russia, and China. Its wings bear a lacy black and white pattern .

Crimson Speckled:This little moth of the Erebidae family is also called the crimson-speckled flunkey, and when it folds its wings it looks positively candy-colored. The narrow forewings are white.

Madagascan Sunset Moth:Found only in Madagascar, this is a big, day-flying moth with a wingspan of between 3.25 and four inches. Its ground color is black, and Its hindwings are especially showy.

 Luna Moth:species name Actias luna is common in the United States and Mexico but is rare in southern Canada. It belongs to the Saturniidae family, which is the family of the giant silkworm moths.

Milionia Moths: are also day-flying Geometrids, but instead of the black and white coloration of the argent and sable their wings, which usually have black grounds, are embellished with patches.

The Basker:This moth, whose species name is Euchromia lethe is a member of the Arctiinae subfamily and is one of the types of moths that mimic bees or wasps. Its beauty comes from its black wings.

Diva Moth:There’s only one species, Divana diva, and four subspecies. Found in South and Central America, it is a medium-sized moth with a wingspan of 2.5 to 3.75 inches. 

Spanish Moon Moth:This moth, like the other moon moths listed here, belongs to the Saturniidae family but is not of the same species. Found in the forests of Spain and the Pyrenees Mountains.

White Witch:is that it has the largest wingspan of any moth in the world, and indeed may be the world’s largest insect. The wingspan of this lepidopteran is between nine and 12 inches.

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