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Top 10 Most Common Causes of House Fires

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BBQ Grill: Barbecue grills can result in uncontrolled fire in various ways, like propinquity to flammable things such as a gas leak or dry grass.

Lightning: Lightning fires are most common at the peak of early evening and afternoon storms during the summer season.

Children: One of the main sources of house fires is children who unintentionally play with matches of fire inside the house.

Chemicals and Gas: Sources of propane gas or natural gas can easily create house fires.

Candles: We have always been warned not to leave any burning candles unattended.

Smoking: Irresponsible smoking habits are one of the top causes of house fires.

Equipment and Appliances: Any heat-generating device such as heaters, clothes dryer, and stoves can cause a fire.

Ordinary Fires which go wrong: We cannot control things even when we follow all the rules and precautions.

Electrical Devices and Systems: Any device that utilizes electrical power can start a fire; the most popular culprit is overheated light equipment.

Holiday Decorations: Candles aren’t the only culprit of devastating fires every winter holiday season.

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