Top 10 Most Overrated Film Directors

Top 10 Most Badass Female Movie Characters

James Cameron: James Cameron is a Canadian film director, producer, screenwriter, and deep-sea explorer. 

Spike Lee: Shelton Jackson "Spike" Lee is an American film director, producer, writer, and actor.

Stanley Kubrick: Stanley Kubrick was an American film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, editor, and photographer.

George Lucas: George Walton Lucas, Jr. is an American filmmaker and entrepreneur. 

Christopher Nolan: Christopher Edward Nolan CBE (born 30 July 1970) is a British-American film director, producer, and screenwriter.

Woody Allen: Heywood "Woody" Allen (born Allan Stewart Konigsberg; November 30, 1935) is an American film director, writer, actor, and comedian.

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Alfred Hitchcock: Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, was an English-American film director and producer, at times referred to as "The Master of Suspense".

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Quentin Tarantino: Quentin Jerome Tarantino (born March 27, 1963) is an American filmmaker, actor, film critic and author.

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Tim Burton: Timothy Walter Burton is an American film director, producer, artist, writer, and animator. 

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Michael Bay: Michael Benjamin Bay is an American filmmaker known for directing and producing big-budget action films characterized by fast cutting.

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