Top 10 Most Useless Items We All Own.

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Old, Generic Birthday Cards: Why is that balloon-spotted Hallmark fifth birthday wish from Grandma still the thing that jams your desk door.

Throw Pillows: Who doesn't want to move several, large, plush items out of the way before flopping into bed each night? You've got to love one.

Dictionary: Pretty useless, but not totally. Only if you don't know what a word means and you have no internet connection, which is pretty rare.

Twenty Salt and Pepper Shakers: One pair is more than enough, especially considering that most spices come conveniently prepackaged in the modern world.

Paperweights: The most useless items to date, no desk requires a paperweight unless you work outside or surrounded by fans.

Battery-Less Flashlights: One of the first items we rush to in an emergency, the flashlight that has never had nor will ever have batteries lives in all of our closets

Tea Candies: Maybe loose tea is getting trendier, but who really cares to deal with that when most tea already comes in bags.

Every Bag We’ve Ever Been Given: When you wad them all up in the cabinet under your sink, they, for some unknown reason, attract cockroaches.

Label Markers: These make sense in an office. Owning one at home may just lead you to such acts of extreme boredom as labeling each drawer's use in your kitchen.

Butter Knives: Non-butter-specific knives can spread the stuff, too. Let's not kid ourselves,I don't own any but true.

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