Top 10 national parks in oregon

Newberry National Volcanic Monument:People call this place “the crown jewel” of Oregon. You will understand why it’s called that way once you’re inside the monument. 

Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve:Discover marble halls by taking a 90-minute marble cave tour at Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve. About 15,000 feet .

Hells Canyon National Recreation Centre:Bordering the states of Idaho and Oregon, Hells Canyon National Recreation Centre is the standout scenic treasure that firmly puts .

Ecola State Park:Situated three miles north of Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park is one of Oregon’s most easily accessible and beautiful scenic stretches. It’s best known for picnics, sightseeing.

Lewis and Clark National Historical Park:is a hiking and sightseeing destination with a historical past that commemorates the Lewis and Clark Expedition. 

Crater Lake National Park:Visit Crater Lake National Park and witness the blue, clear, and deep waters of Crater Lake, from which the park’s name was derived. Swimming is not allowed at Crater Lake.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area:is an incredible river canyon in Oregon. It’s home to majestic wildlife, breweries, vineyards, and orchards. 

 Silver Falls State Park:Famous for its magnificent waterfalls, Silver Falls State Park is a well-known park in Oregon. Over one million visitors tour the park annually to explore several.

Smith Rock State Park:Whether you’re thinking about visiting the canyons for an exciting hike or enjoying a gentle horseback ride along the river.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Centre:Experience incredible hiking that transitions from the dunes to forests and then beaches at Oregon Dunes National Recreation Centre. 

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