Top 10 Non-Traditional Pets

 Skunk usually have their scent glands removed and don’t spray around their respective houses.

HedgehogThe non-social bundles of fur have a simple diet and require an enclosure similar to a guinea pig’s pen.

 Chinchillas it’s always wise to get chinchillas in pairs, as they prefer constant company. And despite their pint-size, chinchillas need lots of room to frolic. 

 FerretOn the upside, ferrets are very smart. And once they are bonded to a human, ferrets can be very snugly and lovable.

 Leopard Geckosname derives from the species’ leopard-like spots. However, unlike the big cats, leopard geckos are friendly and pleasant with humans!

 Sugar Gliders The curious animals need lots of toys and large enclosures to live their best lives.

 Llama are one of the few animals that people can safely hug. Moreover, they’re so attuned to human emotions that Andean peoples call them “silent brothers.”

 CapybaraThe highly social and oversized rodents regularly top friendliest animal lists. But, they’re not the easiest to keep as pets. 

 Emperor Scorpion These African natives sport huge front claws and grow to about 8 inches. Unlike Indian red scorpions, emperors’ venom is very mild.

Fennec Fox can be litter trained like domestic cats, but their wild roots still dominate.

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