Top 10 Most Scary Diseases that Affect Humans

Systemic capillary leak syndrome – a.k.a. Clarkson’s Disease: SCLS is an extremely rare medical illness that presents episodes of enormous plasma and blood components leakage in the blood vessels.

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressive – a.k.a. FOP: FOP is one of the rare diseases and the treatment for this condition is extremely difficult. 

Filarial Worm – a.k.a. Loa Loa Worm: Filarial worms find its way to the eyes of the host and will eventually live there.

Noma – a.k.a. Cancrum oris: Face, genitals or mouth are the parts that are usually affected by Noma.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – a.k.a. CRPS: CRPS is a disease which causes a person to suffer from debilitating and excruciating pain with a simple stroke of the patient’s skin. 

Vibrio Vulnificus: Severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, blistering dermatitis and vomiting are some of the clinical manifestations of Vibrio vulnificus.

Eumycetoma – a.k.a Madura’s Foot: Eumycetoma, a fungal infection, mainly affects the feet and legs but this disease may also affect some parts of the body.

Pica: Pica is a kind of eating disorder wherein a person is compulsively eating things that lack nutritive value. 

Leprosy – a.k.a. Hansen’s Disease: Myobacterium leprae is a bacterium which causes Leprosy. Leprosy is an infectious condition that affects the eyes, respiratory tract.

Elephant Man Syndrome: In 1862, Joseph Merrick was born in England (Leicester). 

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