Top 10 Sharks in Maui 

Black-Tip Reef Shark:At under 8 feet long, these light brown sharks are commonly seen along the coast and edge of coral reefs. They live between the surface and 100 feet deep in the ocean.

Big Nose Shark: It’s a grey shark that hangs out in deep waters eating the fish and cephalopods down there. It’ll come up to 90 feet and travel as deep as 1,200 feet.

Sandbar Shark:are usually under 6 feet long. This shark is grey or tan with no identifying markings. This shark is found all over Hawaii and is one of the most seen sharks in the water.

White-Tip Reef Shark:This shark hunts in groups at night and grows up to 5 feet long. Underwater lava tubes are their favorite place to hang out. Their head is somewhat flattened on the top .

Galapagos Shark: can grow up to 12 feet long, though the biggest seen in Hawaii was a little under 10 feet. This shark is grayish-brown on top with a white underside. 

Gray Reef Shark: ever reported in Hawaii was a little over 6 feet long. It’s considered aggressive, but it’ll only attack a human if it feels cornered or threatened.

Tiger Shark:are spotted when they’re younger. These spots turn into stripes as they age which eventually fade completely. Also known as the “garbage can of the sea,” .

Cookie Cutter Sharks: are also known as cigar sharks. They gouge larger prey like you would with a cookie cutter, taking out an almost a round plug of tissue from their victim. 

Scalloped Hammerhead:come to shore when it’s time to give birth. They’re usually under 7 feet long though they can get substantially bigger. They have an indentation right in the middle of “hammer.”

Smooth Hammerhead:are usually under 8 feet long. Unlike their scalloped cousins, their “hammer” is smooth all the way across. There are some attacks on people on record.

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