Top 10 Snakes in Australia

Pygmy Python: grow to a short two feet long. Pygmy pythons are red to orange in color, with small, dark, regular blotches and orange eyes. They eat small mammals.

Eastern Brown Snake: are venomous and have small fangs for their size, but that doesn’t stop this species from causing more deaths from snakebite in Australia than any other snake. 

Australian Scrub Python:are the longest and heaviest snakes in Australia. They can reach lengths of 25 feet and weigh over 50 pounds. They have mottled light and dark brown coloring with a long head.

Coastal Taipan: are long snakes that can grow to over nine feet long. They have a deadly bite, but would rather flee than fight when it comes to humans. 

 Inland Taipan:These snakes are often confused with brown snakes. Inland taipans have one of the deadliest venoms in the world, yet they’re secretive and non-aggressive and live only in remote areas.

 Common Death Adder:One of the shortest, thickest-bodied snakes in Australia, the common death adder tops out at around three feet in length. 

Red-Bellied Black Snake:are one of the most misunderstood snakes in Australia. They’re venomous, though their venom poses little risk to humans, and can reach lengths of over six feet. 

Black-Headed Python:can grow to nearly 11 feet long. Like all pythons, they have heavy bodies with narrow heads. Their bodies are pale brown in color, with subtle, darker markings.

Tiger Snake:Despite their beauty, tiger snakes are one of the deadliest snakes in Australia. They can grow up to six feet long and have narrow heads with black eyes.

Bandy-Bandy Snake:These snakes are one of the most instantly recognizable snakes in Australia. They’re distinguished from other snakes by their stark black and white stripes. 

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