Top 10 snakes in north carolina

Eastern Milk Snake:As one of 24 subspecies of milk snakes, eastern milk snakes are 2 to 3 feet long and have a stunning appearance. 

Rough Green Snake:Easily one of the most stunning as well as one of the most common snakes in North Carolina is the rough green snake. Rough green snakes are 14 to 33 inc long and are bright green.

Mole Kingsnake:Although secretive, mole kingsnakes are one of the most common snakes in North Carolina, particularly in the Piedmont region. They are 30 to 42 inches long and are usually light brown.

Southern Black Racer:Quite possibly, the most active and agile snake is the southern black racer. Southern black racers are one of eleven subspecies of eastern racer snakes.

Corn Snake: live in a wide range of habitats – including fields, forest openings, and abandoned farms – and in North Carolina, they are particularly abundant across the southeast coastal plain.

Plain-Bellied Water Snake:Another common water snake is the plain-bellied water snake. Plain-bellied water snakes are 24 to 40 inches long and have thick, heavy bodies. 

Northern Water Snake:The first of two water snakes on the list is the northern water snake which reaches almost 4.5 feet long. Northern water snakes are brown with dark crossbands on their neck.

Eastern Hognose Snake:Also known as spreading adders, eastern hognose snakes are mildly venomous to their prey but are considered non-venomous towards humans.Eastern hognose snakes are around 28 inc.

Rough Earth Snake:The first snake is also one of the smallest at only 7 to 10 inc long. Rough earth snakes are brown with lighter bellies and have slender bodies with keeled scales down their back.

Eastern Worm Snake:Another secretive but common snake is the eastern worm snake which is a subspecies of the worm snake. Eastern worm snakes are small, brown snakes that are 7.5 to 11 inches long.

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