Top 10 Species Of Monkey Breeds

The Proboscis Monkey:The proboscis monkey is an Old World monkey with a unique appearance. It’s best known for its long reddish-brown nose and long tail. 

The Golden Snub-nosed Monkey: Golden snub-nosed monkeys live in complex social groups. For instance, some golden snub-nosed monkeys live in groups of 5 to 10, while others live in bands of about 600.

The Golden Lion Tamarin:Golden lion tamarins also have a distinctive mane with very long hair around their face and in their ears. They are about 10.3 inches long and weigh 1.37 pounds. 

The Emperor Tamarin:The average emperor tamarin monkey weighs 18 ounces. Emperor tamarins have colorful bellies with red, white, and orange hairs.

The Silvery Marmoset:The silvery marmoset is a New World monkey listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as the least concern. They are native to the eastern Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

The Chacma Baboon: Its tail is nearly as long, with the average length measuring between 18 to 33 inches. Chacma baboons are also heavy, but males are about 2.2 pounds heavier than females. 

The Brown Spider Monkey:The tip of the tail is very flexible. Adult brown spider monkeys weigh between 17 and 20 pounds. The average length of their bodies is 20 inches long.

The Central American Squirrel Monkey:The Central American squirrel monkey is a squirrel monkey, also known as the red-backed squirrel monkey. They are found throughout the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and Panama. 

The Mandrill: Mandrills mainly have brown hair; however, their beards are yellow-orange and sparse. Mandrills also have stiff white whiskers surrounding their lips, like a mustache.

The Dusky Leaf Monkey:The dusky leaf monkey is an endangered primate in the family of Cercopithecidae. You can find this adorable monkey throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and sometimes Singapore. 

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