Top 10 spiders in connecticut

Long-Palped Ant Mimic Sac Spider:Adult females can reach around 13 millimeters in length, while males range from 3 to 6 millimeters long. They have black abdomens with at least 4 lateral white.

Black Lace Weaver:It’s commonly found near human dwellings and tends to prefer dark, moist environments such as crevices under stones or walls. 

Dark Fishing Spider: is a member of the nursery web spider family Pisauridae. Its range extends from southern Canada to Florida and as far west as the Dakotas. 

Cave Orb Weaver: do not have long jaws, legs, or bodies like most other long-jawed orb weavers. Females measure around 8-10 millimeters long, with males measuring only slightly smaller. 

 White Micrathena:is an orb weaver spider in the family Araneidae. Like most other orb weaver spiders in Connecticut, the white micrathena is a common sight in gardens .

Missing Sector Orb Weaver:is a member of the Araneidae family. You are unlikely to find them around other spiders in Connecticut, as they are well-known to be solitary. 

Dimorphic Jumper: is a member of the jumping spider family Salticidae. You can find these spiders in Connecticut as well as throughout the eastern half of North America.

Garden Ghost Spider:is a member of the ghost spider family Anyphaenidae. You can find these spiders in Connecticut as well as throughout the United States and Canada. 

Ground Wolf Spider:Female ground wolf spiders usually measure between 7 and 14 millimeters long, while the males measure from 7 to 9 millimeters in length. 

Variegated Spider: get their name from their brightly colored bodies. Their cephalothorax is reddish-brown, while the abdomens are covered alternating black and white stripes.

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