Top 10 Spiders in Missouri

Brilliant Jumping Spider:A member of the family Saltidicade it is one of several jumping spiders in Missouri.You can frequently find this tiny hunter in fields throughout the eastern half of America.

Texas Brown Tarantula: also goes by the name the Oklahoma brown tarantula or Missouri tarantula. A member of the tarantula family Theraphosidae, it easily ranks as the largest spider in Missouri. 

Rabid Wolf Spider: belongs to the wolf spider family Lycosidae. You can find this ferocious spider in Missouri and throughout the eastern half of the United States. 

Humped Trashline:The humped trashline orb weaver, Cyclose turbinata, is one of two thrashline spiders in Missouri, the other being Cyclosa conica. A member of the orb weaver family Araneidae.

Brown Recluse: is one of the most poisonous spiders in Missouri. Its bite occasionally requires medical attention because of its necrotic venom. 

Feather-Legged Orb Weaver: belongs to the cribellate orb weaver spider family Uloboridae. You can find these hairy-legged spiders in Missouri and throughout the United States. 

American Green Crab Spider:is a member of the crab spider family Thomisidae. Additionally, it ranks as the only member of its genus, Misumessus.

Striped Lynx Spider:belongs to the lynx spider family Oxyopidae. You can find these spiders in Missouri as well as throughout the eastern United States and south into Central and South America. 

Filmy Dome Spider: is a member of the sheetweaver spider family Linyphiidae. It is one of the most common sheetweaver spiders in Missouri and is widely distributed throughout most of Us, Canada.

Garden Ghost Spider:Hibana gracilis is also known as the garden ghost spider. A member of the ghost spider family Anyphaenidae. You can find these spiders in Missouri.

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