Top 10 spiders in new jersey

Rabid Wolf Spider:Rabidosa rabida, belongs to the wolf spider family Lycosidae. You can find this large spider in New Jersey as well as throughout much of the eastern United States. 

Dark Fishing Spider:belongs to the nursery web spider family Pisauridae. You can find these spiders in New Jersey as well as throughout much of the central and eastern United States and Canada. 

Missing Sector Orb Weaver:It is a notoriously solitary member of the orb-weaver family Araneidae. Although predominantly found in Europe, it ranges throughout much of the world, including New Jersey.

Emerald Jumping Spider: You can find these brightly colored spiders in New Jersey and throughout much of the United States and Central America. 

Broad-Faced Sac Spider:belongs to the ground sac spider family Trachelidae. Its range covers most of the central and eastern United States and also parts of Canada.

Green Lynx Spider: is a member of the lynx spider family Osyopidae. Its range extends as far south as Venezuela and also includes the West Indies.

Red-Femured : Neoscona domiciliorus, is the third orb-weaver to make our list of spiders in New Jersey. It is endemic to the United States and found mostly in the eastern half of the country. 

Basilica Orb Weaver:Mecynogea lemniscata is more commonly known as the basilica orb weaver. It is one of the most brightly decorated orb-weaving spiders in New Jersey. 

Northern Black Widow: belongs to the cobweb spider family Theridiidae. As its name implies, it ranges widely throughout the eastern and northern United States and Canada.

Xysticus Auctificus:is one of several spiders in New Jersey that goes only by its scientific name. If you wanted to translate it into English, it would roughly translate to “the enlarging scraped.

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