Top 10 spiders in ohio

Hammock Spider:belongs to the sheetweb spider family Linyphiidae. You can find these tiny spiders in Ohio as well as throughout parts of the United States. 

Barn Funnel Weaver: is a member of the family Agelenidae, or funnel weavers. In Europe, it goes by the name the domestic house spider.

Mediterranean Recluse: Loxosceles rufescens, belongs to the Sicariidae family. While originally from the Mediterranean, you can now find it throughout much of the world. 

Garden Ghost Spider: belongs to the ghost spider family Anyphaenidae. You can find these curious little spiders in Ohio along with much of the eastern United States and areas of Canada. 

Black Lace Weaver: is a member of the three-clawed cribellate spider family Amaurobiidae. While originally native to Europe, you can now find these spiders in Ohio .

European Garden Spider: Araneus diadematus, belongs to the orb weaver family Araneidae. It goes by many other names including the diadem spider, crowned orb weaver, and cross spider.

Tan Jumping Spider: belongs to the jumping spider family Salticidae. It is one of several jumping spiders in Ohio and ranges throughout much of North America.

 Tiger Wolf Spider: Tigrosa aspersa, belongs to the wolf spider family Lycosidae. You may know it by other names including the speckled wolf spider or woodland giant wolf spider. 

Striped Fishing Spider: is more commonly known as the striped fishing spider. It belongs to the fishing spider family Pisauridae. You can find these spiders in Ohio .

Huntsman Spider:That said, since it belongs to the family Sparassidae most people simply refer to it as the pantropical huntsman spider. It lives in subtropical regions throughout the world.

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