Top 10 tri-colored dogs

Shetland Sheepdog: look very much like Collies, but they are smaller. Collies are cousins of the Shetland Sheepdog (also called Shelties). Shelties are only 13-16 inches tall and around 15-25 pounds.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi:may not look like herding dogs, with their short little legs and long bodies, but they are actually quite agile. They are only 10-12 inches long, but they weigh 27-30 pounds.

Saint Bernard:These dogs have a similar pattern across the breed; rust-colored back, white paws, and chest. Their heads have a masked look with a white head and brown/black eyes and ears. 

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog:are large dogs with big hearts. They are more muscular and larger than Bernese Mountain Dogs, with the males getting to be 115-140 pounds heavy and 25-28 inches tall.

Australian Cattle Dog:have the build of German Shepherds, but they have a coloration that is unique. Their fur is a mix of black brown-rust with some looking blue-grey and others a rusty-white mix.

Papillon:You will recognize these little dogs by their wing-like ears, which is where they get their name. “Papillon” is French for “butterfly.” 

Pomeranian:come in a variety of colors. Some are all one color, like orange, but others are a tri-colored bundle of fluff. They have perky ears, curled tails, and fox-like faces. 

 Bernese Mountain Dog:Another big dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog, is a furry pet that can grow to be 80-115 pounds and 25-27 inches tall. Most of their back and legs are black.

Collie:If you are familiar with the classic TV show Lassie from the ’50s-’60s, then you know what a Collie looks like. Collies have long, silky hair and a pointed face. 

Beagle:Another TV show favorite is Snoopy from the comics and shows of Charles Shultz, The Peanuts. Snoopy is not tri-colored, he is just black and white, but many beagles are tri-colored.

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