Top 10 waterfalls in alabama

Cheaha Falls:On the Chinnabee Silent Trail, Cheaha Falls, a 30-foot waterfall, is located along Cheaha Creek in the Talladega National Forest. 

Devil’s Den Falls: is located in Clay County’s Cheaha State Park, within the Talladega National Forest. Even though it is small, this hidden waterfall offers a lot of summer fun to anyone.

DeSoto Falls:Due to its breathtaking views and more than 100-foot height, DeSoto Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Alabama. 

High Falls:These lovely falls can be found on the Tennessee River just south of Lake Guntersville. They are just 35 feet high but sprawl out over 300 feet.

Mar​​dis Mill Falls:located approximately 45 minutes away from Birmingham, is another great place to escape the city. Because it’s on Graves Creek, it’s also called Graves Falls. 

Noccalula Falls: with a 90-foot plunge, is the most popular and well-known waterfall in Alabama, surrounded by lush natural beauty and full of myths. 

Little River Falls:Those wishing to see the 45-foot falls can either descend a short but steep paved trail from the parking lot to an overlook or drive to a higher viewpoint located.

Chewacla Falls: located in eastern Alabama, built this waterfall. Despite being man-made, it is large enough to be remarkable at 30 feet high. 

Caney Creek Falls:There are a number of stunning waterfalls in Alabama, including Caney Creek Falls and Upper Caney Creek Falls, located just outside the Sipsey Wilderness near Double Springs.

Thompson Falls:As a seasonal waterfall, Thompson Falls is best viewed after heavy rainfalls. It is created by three cascading waterfalls. 

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