Top 10 Waterfalls in Georgia

Jacks River Falls: can be found in the Cohutta Wilderness, where the river pours over a rocky ledge. Jacks River Falls is breathtaking and certainly one of the most stunning waterfalls in Georgia.

Cherokee Falls: is a waterfall in Dade County, Georgia located in Cloudland Canyon State Park. The trail to Cherokee Falls is fairly difficult. The trail descends to the canyon, where two waterfalls.

Raven Cliff Falls: is one of four notable waterfalls near Helen, Georgia. It is one of the most remarkable waterfalls in Georgia because the water rushes through a crack in the face of a solid rock.

Caledonia Cascade: is a 600-foot waterfall in Rabun County, Georgia, near Tallulah Falls. Caledonia Cascade is sometimes referred to as the second-tallest waterfall in Georgia.

DeSoto Falls:of Georgia is located along Frogtown Creek in Lumpkin County, Georgia. Upper DeSoto Falls Middle Desoto Falls, and Lower DeSoto Falls are the names of three waterfalls on Frogtown Creek.

Ada-Hi Falls:is the highest elevation waterfall in Georgia. It’s an interesting place to visit, and the observation deck is ideal for taking photos if you’re looking for a scenic background. 

Amicalola Falls:at 729 feet and seven cascades, is the largest waterfall in Georgia and the third tallest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River. 

Anna Ruby Falls: Two creeks cascade over the drop-offs to form the waterfall. Curtis Creek, at 153 feet, is one creek, while York Creek Falls, at 50 feet, is the other. 

Sea Creek Falls: in Georgia is in the little town of Suches and is a short but amazingly beautiful hike. Hikers of all abilities will enjoy this walk which is 0.5 miles both ways .

Minnehaha Falls:cascades over a cliff in a beautiful multi-tiered cascade before continuing downstream to the coast of Lake Rabun. It is one of North Georgia’s most popular waterfalls.

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