Top 10 waterfalls in south carolina

Raven Cliff Falls: is no easy task. As one of the highest waterfalls in the state it a popular destination. The drop from 400 feet is a sight to behold as it not something you can take for granted.

Twin Falls:This waterfall in South Carolina is a two-for-one deal; thus, the name Twin Falls. This magnificent natural wonder begins as Reedy Creek, where it splits into two cascades.

Lower Whitewater Falls:is part of a series of cascades that are the tallest in the east, located in Salem, South Carolina. A 200-foot drop plunges into the Jocassee Gorges at Lower Whitewater Falls.

Brasstown Falls:There are three cascades in Brasstown Valley that descend a total of 120 feet. The bottom gives you a unique opportunity to see all three cascades at once.

Long Creek Falls :Unlike many of the other waterfalls in South Carolina, both the road and the destination are equally important for Long Creek Falls. 

 Spoonauger Falls:You can reach this 50-foot waterfall tucked into a beautiful green hillside covered with trees and vegetation in about 20 minutes.

Issaqueena Falls:There is something unique about the Issaqueena Falls, the subject of many legends and stories.

 Laurel Fork Falls: Otherwise, the alternative is a challenging five-to-six-hour hike that includes lots of wooden stairs as you ascend and descend.

Falls Creek Falls:These 125-foot-high falls are among the most beautiful waterfalls in South Carolina. Access is, however, not easy, and any path you choose will require a significant effort.

Rainbow Falls: is located in Jones Gap State Park, and it is truly one of the most captivating waterfalls in South Carolina. It is especially beautiful in spring when the azaleas bloom.

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