top 10 waterfalls in spain

Cascada de Orbaneja del Castillo:This waterfall near Burgos is another popular tourist destination in Spain. It’s a waterfall that runs through the tunnels just above a little town. 

Salto del Nervion:The tallest single-drop waterfall in Spain is this enormous waterfall. It has a drop of 222 meters. The downstream of this waterfall is the Rio Nervion, located south of Delika.

Cascada de Pedrosa de Tobalina:In contrast to other waterfalls in Spain, Pedrosa de Tobalina is a low-lying cascade that is remarkably beautiful.Burgos province considers it one of its seven wonders.

Fervenza Do Toxa Waterfall:There’s nowhere better to reconnect with nature near Silleda than at Fervenza Do Toxa waterfall. Located in the country’s Toxa River, these falls are among the tallest.

Caozo Falls:The beautiful and serene waterfall located in Valle del Jerte flows clear and full of pure water. If you drive from Valdastillas.

Cascada de Ezaro:Not only is it a magnificent waterfall, it is one of Spain’s most beloved and powerful. Every year, tourists flock to the waterfall. 

Cascada de Ronda:Casa de Ronda has a rich history and several distinctive features that have helped it gain international fame. You can find it in the Spanish region of Malaga.

Cascadas de Oneta:This waterfall is actually a combination of three magnificent waterfalls in Spain: Cascadas la Fibra, La Ulloa, and Cascada de Maseirua. 

Cascada de La Cimbarra:Just outside of Aldeaquemada in the province of Jaén, Andalusia, you can find one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Spain. 

Monasterio de Piedra:Last but not least is a stunningly beautiful old waterfall with a variety of facilities nearby. The monastery here was founded in 1194. 

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