Top 10 Waterfalls in Tennessee

Cane Creek Cascades:consists of a 45-foot drop into a shallow pool below. This waterfall in Tennessee is so fun because, as the name implies, the water cascades rather than plunges. 

Carmac Falls:A lush resort, Evins Mills Resort offers wedding venues, conferences, and other activities. It is necessary to make a reservation in order to view Carmac Falls.

Cummins Falls:State Park stretches across 300 acres of lush scenery. The main attraction of this park is its waterfall named Cummins Falls, which features a 75ft drop of cascading waterfalls. 

Greeter Falls:Lower and upper Greeter Falls make up the Greeter Falls. In the upper falls, there is a stunning 15-foot cascade into a shallow pool while in the lower falls there is a 50-foot cascade.

Spruce Flats Falls:It takes about two miles to hike to Spruce Flats Falls. There is a beautiful waterfall in Little River that reaches a height of 30 feet. 

 Foster Falls:There is a trail that takes you to Foster Falls about two miles from the parking lot, allowing you to view the waterfall from below. 

Ozone Falls:features a 110-foot drop cascade that is accessible both from the top and bottom. Water flowing from the stream into the pool is a stunning shade of blue.

Ruby Falls: is one waterfall in Tennessee you absolutely have to see. Located deep within the summit of Lookout Mountain, this magnificent underground waterfall is a sight to behold.

Machine Falls:Short Springs Natural Area contains Machine Falls, a 60-foot cascading waterfall. Amidst 420 acres of lush forests and meadows, you will find yourself captivated by nature.

Burgess Falls:State Park consists of a beautiful natural area that includes four waterfalls, Burgess Falls being the biggest. Burgess Falls is just under two miles away, but it is a steep hike. 

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