Top 10 Worst Parts of the Dark Ages

The Black Death: Well, imagine what it would have been like if it were transmittable from animals to humans.

The torturing:Torture is a common theme for the Dark Ages, and it was a form of punishment that was distributed to whoever didn't confess to a crime. 

The mass execution:If I have anything positive to say about this, I have to hand it to the people of the time getting very creative with how they performed these executions

The weird medical practices: If you got the plague, during the middle ages, doctors weren't as efficient and smart back then, as they are now, and more often than not, the doctor made things worse. 

The famine: The springs of years surrounding 1316 were strangely wet, which caused a steep decline in crops, and smaller harvests than we had anticipated.

Almost nobody left their birthplace: Documents from the Middle Ages say a good chunk of people not only didn't travel to other countries, but they rarely left their birthplace. 

Villages were ridiculously filthy:If this needed any further emphasis, it would easily be the fact that humans lived with rats. 

The marriage system was flawed: I never thought I'd say that there was a system for marriage, much less a more flawed one than in the present day, but history is an amazing thing. 

Animals were put on trial for their crimes: This is true! Wow. Animal trials were common public events in medieval and early modern Europe.

The weather sucked: The average temperature tanked and many of the deaths caused in the Dark Ages were due to freezing to death.

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