Top 10 Worst School Subjects

Heading 1

Math: My middle school teacher was very bad at teaching and I had to learn the concepts of pre-algebra and algebra myself which was pretty stressful.

Physical Education: There are tons of people who are overweight and want to shake it off by moving their bodies.

Algebra: The most difficult algebra should only be reserved for prisoners on death row as an excuse to leave. That would be impossible.

Language Arts:  All of my ELA classes are always boring and bland, and half of the articles don't even make sense for me.

Foreign Language: I really horrible and terrible at my supposedly mother  I considered it an foreign language. And here I am being told to learn languages of countrys I barely even anything about.

Religion: That is not true first of all. Second of all it is not a fact that it's a waste of time. Third of all, don't you say that it's Jesus and God are fake.

Geometry: I can totally relate. My school is supposed to be one of the best math schools in the district, yet all the math teachers suck there.

Writing: I can't write an essay in 30 minutes and expect from me to be happy after and also to not have doctor.

Science: This isn't supposed the be first, it's very hard especially with a teacher like mine. I'm in year seven, my teacher gave you a booklet to do over the weekends.

Moving away from your friends: Unfortunately I'm going to move this summer and I will definitely miss some people.

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