Top 10 Worst Things About the School Bus

Heading 1

Taking forever to get home: I remember how sometimes when I was in middle school.

Stupid little kids screaming on the bus like banshees: On Friday, 4/8/2022, some girl who rides the school bus with me was screaming like a demon for no reason. 

Mean bus drivers: Then when I get up to the bus I am greeted by a very nasty look and she said in the most rude tone "where the hell where you, we don't have all day to wait on you.

Missing the bus:  During the first few weeks of school, the buses left me and several other students several times during after school hours.

If you start school at 7 in the morning, your bus will come at about 6:30: My school starts at 8:15, but 3 other kids get picked up after me.

Gang in the back of bus: I don't know why this isn't higher; my bus has all the bad kids on it, and they like smoke on the bus.

Same stupid pop music every single day: My school bus plays annoying pop and rap music by the most annoying people, so I usually listen to music that I like on my MP3 player instead.

The bus coming late:The bus being late on a rainy, cold, snowy, stormy, or some other kind of day like that can make your morning miserable.

Catching every red light: Near my high school there is a traffic light that took OVER 5 MINUTES to turn from red light to green light but then 1 minute later it goes from green light to red light.

Being stuck with little kids: You are the oldest student on the bus. Then you have a handful of elementary school students that talk and yell and scream that slow down the bus driver. 

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