Top 11 Rarest Bloodhound Skins in Apex Legends Ever Released

Apex Hunter: Apex Legends introduced Prestige evolving skins to the game at the beginning of this year, starting with Bloodhound skins. 

Cyber Hunt: Another Epic Rarity Bloodhound skin on the list is the Cyber Hunt skin, and it’s very rare to find. Cyber Hunt skin was available during.

Master of the Hunt: Bloodhound skin was released as a part of the Legendary Hunt Event in Season 1. Not much is known about how to get the skin, but it’s rare to find it.

Frosthaven: is the newest Bloodhound skin on the list, as it was available for claim from February to March of 2022. 

Deep Blue:  is a Rare skin for Bloodhound, but it is also a Rare skin for Gibraltar, another Legend of the game.

Protector of the Patch:  is a Legendary Bloodhound skin from Season 3. This skin was released as a part of the Fight of Fright Event, a Halloween Event in 2019.

The Intimidator:  is another popular Bloodhound skin, released in the Bloodhound Edition of Apex Legends in 2019. A solid color pallet for Bloodhound skins usually didn’t go this well.

Road Warrior: Road Warrior is one of the Legend Rarity Warriors in Bloodhound skins, introduced in Season 6 of the game.

Will of the Allfather: is a Rare Bloodhound skin, released in September 2020. Respawn Entertainment partnered with Amazon to add this skin for free.

The Centurion: This skin is modeled after a Roman soldier’s aesthetics, with complete armor, scaled metal plates.

Great Winter: was the most sought-after Bloodhound skin because it required 10,500 Legend Tokens to buy. 

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