Top 11 Stunning Trees Native to Guatemala

Chucum:The chucum tree, also known as the cuisache, is a tree in the family of Fabaceae. It typically reaches up to 16 feet and has cascading green leaves. 

Central American Walnut: is another tree native to Guatemala, and also El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. It’s in the Juglandaceae family and can grow up to 131 feet.

Mexican Elm :The Mexican elm is a large tree native to Mexico and Central America. This tree can reach up to 276 feet and stretch about 8 feet.

Guaracabuya:are large shrubs native to the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, and northern and western South America. Other names for this tree include nacascol.

White Sapote: are fruit trees native to eastern Mexico and Central America as south as Costa Rica. In the Nahuatl language, the tree is called cochitzapotl.

The Guatemalan Fir :The Guatemalan fir, also known as pinabete, is a beautiful evergreen tree native to Central America. You can find this tree from southern Mexico to Honduras and El Salvador. 

Bonpland Willow :Another tree native to Guatemala is the bonpland willow tree. It’s native to southern and southwest Mexico and as far as western Guatemala.

Velvet Tree :The velvet tree, also known as the bush currant, is a flowering plant in the family Melastomataceae. It is a very invasive species, especially in Hawaii, however, it’s native to Mexico.

Hicatee Fig: also known as maja, amate, white fig, and caxinguba, is a fig tree native to the Caribbean, South America, Mexico, and Central America. 

The Caribbean Pine:is native to Central America and the northern West Indies. It’s common throughout the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and Cuba.

Mexican Yellow Pine: which goes by many names. It’s also referred to as ocote chino, hazelnut pine, pino amarillo, pino avellano, egg-cone pine, and ocote.

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