Top 14 Best Perennial Plants That Come Back Every Year

Bearded Iris:Bearded iris flowers are among the most popular perennial plants that come back yearly. They have showy, unique flowers ranging from white to yellow, blue, violet, and more.

Clematis:This clematis produces showy clusters of small bell-shaped blooms that come in blue, pink, and white, depending on the cultivar.

Daylily:The dazzling daylily is one of the hardiest and showiest perennial plants that come back every year. This stunning and low-maintenance plant has large blooms perfect for bouquets or flower arrangements.

Salvia:Salvia does best in full sun, but some varieties thrive in partial shade. These pretty plants need well-draining soil and regular watering for optimal growth.

Lavender:Lavender is one of the best perennial plants that come back every year because it smells so good and is easy to grow. English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is ideal for gardens due to its long-lasting blooms. 

Columbine:Columbines are easy-to-grow perennial plants that come back every year. The common columbine (Aquilegia vulgaris) is a bushy plant with thin stems and beautiful bell-shaped blooms.

Black-Eyed Susans:Black-eyed Susans or coneflowers are popular perennial plants for summer gardens. These hardy and easy-to-grow flowers feature bold, daisy-like blooms with yellow petals surrounding a dark center.

Geranium:Geraniums or cranesbills are hardy perennial plants that are easy to grow for gardeners of all experience levels. Their flowers have bold, bright colors and come in many shapes and sizes.

Hosta:Hostas, otherwise known as plantain lilies, are clump-forming perennials. The foliage of these plants can be plain or variegated, and it usually has a smooth texture.

Shrub Rose:Shrub roses thrive in direct sunlight and moist but well-draining soil. As with other roses, it’s important to provide your shrub rose with plenty of fertilizer and soil amendments.

Hydrangea:Hydrangeas are beautiful flowering shrubs that come in many varieties and colors. The hydrangea blooms can range from pure white to deep pink and purple, depending on the variety and soil pH.

Rhododendron:Rhododendrons are showy evergreen shrubs with glossy leaves and beautiful clusters of bell-shaped flowers. The blooms can be pink, red, white, and more colors depending on the variety.

Fountain Grass:Fountain grass is a perennial ornamental grass that looks beautiful in the garden from late spring through fall. 

Peony:Peonies are prized for their showy flowers and fragrance. These stunning plants have been grown for centuries, with some varieties dating back to the 1500s or earlier. 

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