Top 5 Deadliest Animals In Australia

Blue-Ringed Octopus: is the most common blue-ringed octopus in Sydney. The species are all brown, with bright blue patterns revealed only when disturbed. 

Inland Taipan: often known as the small-scaled snake or the fierce snake, is a venomous snake in the Elapidae family. It is found only in semi-arid areas of eastern Australia.

Textile Cone Snail:are among the most venomous animals you will find. These snail species grab their prey using harpoon-like hollow teeth that are rapidly inserted into their victim to inject.

Saltwater Crocodile:are found in saltwater environments and brackish wetlands. They can be discovered from India’s east coast to northern Australia and Micronesia.

Great White Shark:account for more than a third of all shark attacks each year. The great white shark is commonly known as the white shark white pointer or simply great white.

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