Top 6 Plants That Smell Good

Common Honeysuckle :is one of the most widely recognized and enjoyed. Also known as woodbine, it’s native across North Africa, West Asia, and Europe.

Southern Magnolia :) are famed for their large, elegant, and wonderful-smelling flowers. While the genus Magnolia includes about 120 species of shrubs and trees.

Common Lilac:produces clusters of gorgeous, pungently sweet purple flowers upon upright stalks. Native to the cooler regions of Europe, common lilac is now naturalized across much of Northeastern.

Sweet Pea:is an annual, ornamental flowering bushy or climbing plant that produces highly fragrant, colorful, and delicate wing-shaped flowers. Native to Southern Italy, Sicily.

Common Jasmine: is famed and beloved for its pungently sweet, slightly musky, and honey-like scent. People have used the flower’s pungent aromatic oils in fragrances, aromatherapy.

Balsam Fir :A popular Christmas tree choice, this lovely fir’s needles produce a comforting woodsy, softly balsamic vinegar-like scent. Many people choose it for a Christmas tree precisely .

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