Top 7 Most Colorful Birds

Crimson Rosella:ranks among the best of the most colorful birds in the world. Unlike most colorful bird species, both the males and the females possess the same color schemes .

Flamingo: are a living embodiment of the phrase “You are what you eat”. Flamingo chicks are born with plumage that’s white or gray, but they develop their distinctively bright pink feathers .

Mandarin Duck:is far too stunning to subject to that. It combines bright hues of blue, gold, purple, green, and white — and manages to do so while still retaining its handsome good looks. 

Spangled Cotinga: like blue and red are common among birds like parrots, but being colorful doesn’t have to mean making yourself a target for predators. The red throat and turquoise body .

Toucan: black body is contrasted by its orange or yellow chest and the orange feathers around its eyes, but it’s the toucan’s beak that makes it stand out. These enormous bills come in a variety .

Scarlet Macaw: plumage will typically reflect every color in the rainbow — and when you combine that with their incredibly talkative natures, you might assume that they’re one of the easiest targets.

Peacock: Consisting largely of shades of green, brown, yellow, and blue, the traditional pigments and the unique patterns of the feathers are stunning in their own right.

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