Top 8 Most Expensive Mobile Apps In the Store

Final Cut Pro: was a groundbreaking video editing platform developed by Macromedia before Apple acquired rights to the source code in 1998. 

CyberTuner: is a piano tuning tool designed for professional piano techs. The advanced system offers a wide range of tools for pros.

vueCAD Pro: by Titansan Engineering Inc. is a CAD viewing system. CAD stands for “computer-aided design.

Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 1: developers had the exciting opportunity to explore new ways to interact with users.

app.Cash: is a virtual cashier system made for businesses. Users can input orders, print receipts, calculate tax, and more. 

iVIP Black: is a lifestyle app that reportedly helps wealthy users access luxury services from partner businesses. 

Classic TC with WordPower: is a communication app that helps people who have difficulty speaking with their own voice. 

DDS GP for iPad: is an app designed for dentists to help them explain dental conditions and procedures to their patients.

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