Top 8 Most Expensive Fighter Jets Ever

F-15EX Strike Eagle: is one of the oldest planes still in active service, starting in the United States Air Force in 1988.

EA-18G Growler: is a modded version of the F/A-18F Super Hornet, a two-seat aircraft that Boeing Defense built for the U.S.

Chengdu J-20 Black Eagle: The Chengdu J-20 aircraft debuted in 2011. It is known as an all-weather stealth twinjet fighter or superiority fighter.

Eurofighter Typhoon: is a slightly older plane on this list, being finished back in 1994. It had been in development since 1983.

F-22 Raptor: This jet by Lockheed Martin combines long-range air-to-ground weapons with a speed.

F-35B: was designed for the Marine Corps. It’s a rare fighter jet capable of making vertical takeoffs and landings.

F-35 Lightning II: is the most common F-35 used in the U.S. Air Force, designed to take off and land on conventional domestic.

Dassault Rafale: is a French fighter jet finished in 2001, still in service in the French Air Force, Space Force, and Navy.

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