Top 8 Mysterious Gray Animals

African Grey Parrot:Most parrots are bright and colorful; the African grey is a rare exception. Clad in pure gray plumage, with only a bit of bright red around the short tails.

Gray Whales: They are found all over the world, sometimes migrating hundreds of miles in response to the seasons. Some travel alone, but others move together in small groups, cooperating together.

Gray Wolves: takes the top spot for the ultimate mysterious gray animal. The fur color actually features a mixture of silver, gray, brown, black, and white underside. 

Raccoons:reside in forest areas anywhere near a source of water throughout North America. As anyone within their range can attest, they are the ultimate scavengers of the animal.

Seals:Some of them have white or black spots covering their body as well. There are generally two different types of seals: the true seals, which have minimal fur and no external ear flaps.

Koala:are characterized by coarse, wooly silver-gray or chocolate brown fur shading to white around the underside and ears. This fur is highly effective at providing insulation against harsh wind.

Gray Fox:can be found in a very large stretch of territory between Canada and Colombia. They are characterized by coarse salt and pepper fur color with mixtures of black markings on the face.

 Rhinoceros:At one point, thousands of years ago, rhinos could be seen roaming across much of Europe, Africa, and Asia. But today only five species remain in the wild.

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