Top 8 Rare Breeds of Dogs

Biewer Terrier:was recognized by the AKC the same years as the Azawakh — but its relatively recent recognition can be credited to how young this breed is in the first place. 

Azawakh:Though they’re sometimes mistaken for more popular types of sighthounds like the Italian greyhound and whippet, the Azawakh actually first emerged in West Africa as many as 8,000 years ago.

New Guinea Singing Dog:Among the rare dog breeds, the New Guinea singing dog sets itself apart as one of the few that’s never been fully domesticated. They earned their name from the beautiful.

Mudi:Rarity can sometimes be an impediment to gaining official recognition from official kennel clubs, but the Mudi is proof that it doesn’t have to.

Otterhound:The Lagotto Romagnolo wasn’t the only water dog to fall out of favor. The similarly curly-haired otterhound has deep bonds with English history.

Telomian: is a reflection of the fact that it was originally bred by the isolated Orang Asli people of Malaysia — and it’s developed some unique characteristics to serve its community. 

Norwegian Lundehund: was bred for the specific purpose of hunting puffins, and that’s allowed it to diverge significantly from other hunting dog breeds. 

Lagotto Romagnolo: A large part of that can be credited toward’s this water dog’s frequent appearance in Italian art of the Renaissance era, and part of that is due to its less specialized usage .

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