Top 8 Snakes In Montana 

Northern Rubber Boa: are smaller than you might think. Adults are only about 18 inches long, and the young snakes are so small they look like earthworms.

Plains Hognose Snake :has an unmistakable upturned nose, which is how you can identify it as a plains hognose. Plains hognose snakes usually are around three feet long .

Plains Garter Snake: is known for having a bright orange or yellow strip that runs all along its body. It also has very unique black bars around the mouth. 

North American Racer:live all over the state of Montana but they tend to stick to open grassland, short grass prairies, or forests. They are known for their speed and they attack swiftly.

Prairie Rattlesnake:is also called the western rattlesnake. Like other rattlesnakes its primary method of communication is a warning rattle. 

Common Garter Snake: If you have brush piles near your home, or you have an outdoor workshop or outbuildings with overgrown bushes you may be surprised by a common garter snake.

Gopher Snake:are the largest snakes in Montana and can grow to a whopping six feet long. They have a very distinct brown and tan set of markings that resembles the markings of rattlesnake.

Western Terrestrial Garter Snake:is similar to the common garter snake. Like other garter snakes it has three rings around its neck. But the western terrestrial garter snake has a very light yellow.

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