Top 8 Tulips That Thrive In Washington

Estella Rijnveld:Estella Rijnveld is another frilly-petalled tulip. The edges of each white and red striped petal look like they have fringe. The blooms are large and stay on the stem for a long time

Negrita:Tulipa Negrita is a deep purple color and looks fantastic mixed with orange or yellow tulip varieties. It is a tough cookie and can withstand wind and rain without losing petals.

Sweetheart:Tulipa Sweetheart is known for its gigantic flowers. It has yellow petals with white tips that are long-lasting and fragrant. This tulip blooms in April and May and enjoys a sunny position

Fusilier:This bright orange tulip grows up to four flowers per stem! Each flower has frilly edges that look fancy and elegant in a vase. They are 12 inches tall and bloom in April.

Montreux tulips:Montreux tulips look more like roses or peonies than tulips! The double flowers are thick with petals in a luscious pale yellow. They are early bloomers and will surprise.

Tulipa Zurel: is streaked with deep purple and bright white. It has strong stems sturdy in the wind and rain of spring. The flower lasts a long time, making it a desirable cut flower.

Unicum:Tulipa Unicum is a bright orange-red tulip that makes a striking statement in the garden. The foliage is striped with white and looks great in a vase. 

Tulipa Prinses Irene : This tulip has a strong spicy floral scent and makes a wonderful cut flower. This tulip blooms in early April and prefers a sunny location. It grows 14 inches tall .

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