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Top10 Best Candy Factory Tours In The World

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Perugina Chocolate Factory Tour, Perugia, Italy: Perugina is most famous as the manufacturer of Baci chocolate.

Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour, Vermont: The Ben & Jerry’s factory tour in Vermont is also not exactly kept in secret.

Theo Factory Tour, Washington : While it may not be a world famous chocolate brand, the Theo factory tour in Seattle is well known.

Chocolate Frey Visitor Center, Buchs, Switzerland : The Frey visitor center offers many different experiences to visitors.

Maison Cailler Chocolate, Broc, Switzerland : The Cailler chocolate company was the first Swiss company that produced chocolate, and it is now owned by Nestle.

Hammond’s Candies Factory Tours, Colorado: Hammond’s Candies Factory Tours in Denver Colorado is absolutely free of charge.

Jelly Belly Factory Tour, California: The Jelly Belly Factory tour takes place in the factory at Fairfield.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai, China:  The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is notable for its 120 meters long (390 ft).

PEZ Visitor Center, Connecticut : Visit the real live PEZ factory and view the production through viewing windows and video monitors.

The Ethel M Factory Tour, Nevada : The Ethel M Factory Tour outside Las Vegas was opened in 1981 by Forrest Mars.

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