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Top 10 Best Destinations for a Solo Traveler

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In Alaska: This place is known for welcoming solo tourist which 20% of the visitors in Alaska travel alone.

In Bhutan: One of the world’s most cultural country. It’s where the highest unclimbed peak in the world can be found, the Gangkhar Puensum.

In Bali Indonesia: Bali is considered a spiritual location with spas, yoga, beaches and organic eateries.

In Melbourne, Australia: This place is a hot-spot tourist destination with its stunning beaches and a city full of life.

In Cusco, Peru: The known capital of olden Inca Empire. This place served as the travelers’ mecca over hundred years ago

In Hong Kong, China: The best place to relax despite of it being the biggest city worldwide because it’s loaded with “Zen moments,” like Tai Chai session and beautiful gardens.

In Thailand: Thailand is also great for people who travel alone because it is considered one of the Buddhist mindsets that promotes equality for all sexes.

In Aran Islands: An authentic Irish experience and a perfect getaway to escape the busy activities of daily life.

In Malaysia: This country belongs to the top choices for a solo traveler in Asia.

In Costa Rica: If you’re seeking for surfing, adventure, volcanoes, and more recreational activities, Costa Rica is a great choice. 

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