Top Ten Former Countries and Civilizations

Soviet Union: Communism managed to spread through over 11 different countries and forged a superpower. The only country that has ever been able to be a match for the USA. 

Roman Empire:A very powerful empire in our history, is there really much introduction needed.The most powerful nation, ruling from Great Britain to Baghdad.

Ottoman Empire: A really big Empire that managed to stay afloat for 700 years, hats off to you, Ottoman Empire.

Czechoslovakia: A peaceful country with a good economy until Nazis and Soviets invaded, after that, it was all fine until the Slovaks wanted independence.

Holy Roman Empire: Since it’s founding in 800, it managed to stay fairly powerful and vast until it’s eventual dissolution in 1806, which is 1000 years worth of the pope making a bunch of emperors.

Zulu Kingdom: Although not nearly as influential to the rest of the world as some of the other civilizations on this list, it was very notable for it military tactics, horns in the front to surround.

Austro-Hungarian Empire: A big and powerful nation until the loss of World War One, then it split off into many different countries, like Austria, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia.

Ashanti Empire: A very underrated civilization. No one even knows that this Empire spoke against the British Empire for their colonization of India. 

Kingdom of Kongo: The Kingdom of Kongo is one of Africa's powerful civilizations from the middle ages that you can use in a video game against the European knights, Chinese dynasties.

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