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Top10 Most Awesome Movie Theater Experiences In The World

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Cinémathèque Française: For one of the most diverse film experiences ever, the Cinémathèque Française is another must to add to our list.

Electric Cinema, London: This has got to be one of the fanciest theaters ever.

Hot Tub Cinema, London: There is nothing better than kicking back in a hot tub with some friends or a special someone.

Cine Thisio, Greece: Cine Thisio in Greece is a spectacular open-air viewing experience.

Arena, Croatia: If you want an experience of out-door viewing that is unrivaled, check out the Arena in Croatia.

The New Parkway Theater, California: The New Parkway Theater in California is one of the most comfortable settings you can find.

TCL Chinese Theatre, California: The TCL Chinese Theatre is beautiful and full of history. You’d also be very surprised by some of the huge films that have premiered here.

Olympia Music Hall, France: Put a bed in the movie theater and you have a comfortable experience that rivals that of your own home.

Cineteca Matadero, Spain: Here is a brilliant and beautiful theater that offers an experience you’ll never forget.

Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater, Hollywood Studios Disney: Here’s a quirky experience that is fun for the entire family to enjoy.

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